An exciting hub of business and leisure in the midst of the beautiful views of the mountains and the calming views of the blue waters of the Visayan Region.

Welcome to your urban paradise, City di Mare.

Designed as the premier 50-hectare township along the eastern coast of Cebu. City di Mare is aptly named, as it is indeed a City by the sea. The logo represents its well-conceived masterplan to develop a city within a paradise, while the various vibrant colors capture what City di Mare is all about. The shade of blue and wave design symbolize its waterfront location and fantastic sea views. Green stands for lush open space and healthy living. Finally, the harmonious blend of the pink and orange symbolizes the spirited lifestyle City di Mare has to offer.

With such keen attention to detail, it’s easy to see why City di Mare is set to become the Lifestyle Capital of Cebu.


Located at South Road Properties (SRP), City di Mare sits on a prime location within the 300-hectare property of the Cebu City government. The eastern sea coast and mountain views provides a beautiful backdrop to this highly accessible and strategically located community envisioned as the next premier residential, commercial, and economic center of Cebu City.

Masterplanned City
This is a township set to provide its community with complete clusters of residential, corporate headquarters, leisure and retail, and socio-civic amenities.

A Refreshing Landscape
A township designed to provide its community with 60% open space giving shade from the scorching heat of the sun.

A Free City
The alloted 60% free open space is made available for different activities promoting an active lifestyle for its community.

An Upscale Lifestyle
A wide range of high-end facilities and luxurious-looking facade made accessible to everyone from different walks of life.

A Diverse City
Various structures with distinct functions to serve its community’s different needs.

A Lush Scenery
This is a city set apart from the mediocre. A vast view of greenery intended to revitalize its community.

Your Green Sanctuary
Green pockets found throughout the township designed to give its community a hideaway within a city.

A Shopper’s Haven
Nothing beats shopping while overlooking the beautiful cerulean sea, breathing the fresh sea air, and feeling the cool sea breeze.

Distinct Culture
A unified culture of a diverse community set in the heart of City di Mare.

Four Components

Integrated Community

Leisure & Retail

Integrated Community

Corporate Headquarters

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