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Here is a place where you and your family can reach their full potential – it’s your lifestyle on a whole new level.

City di Mare boasts of an inspiring mix of work, leisure, shopping, and pleasurable lifestyle. The new development provides a spacious, self-contained green community with equally spacious living areas that allow you to comfortably live inside and play outside in the midst of a beautiful landscape.

With every need easily within reach, life at City di Mare becomes one about convenience and fulfillment, so you can forget about your stress and focus on the things that truly matter in life.

Spend more quality time with your loved ones, so you don’t let special moments with your family pass you by. Have more leisure time with your friends, and experience a true sense of community. All these are to be experienced in one of the most desirable locations in Metro Cebu.

City di Mare is a development that circles around your lifestyle, anticipating what you’ll want next and what you’ll ultimately need. This is where your imagination can roam free as the sea and the sky.

Newest Coastal Development

Located on South Road Properties (SRP), City di Mare sits on a prime location within the 300-hectare property of the Cebu City government.

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