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Low Density,
Expansive Greenery


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Public parks with sprawling flora and open spaces make up for 60% of the City di Mare landscape. It provides a lush balance to the grand scenery and tranquility of the coast, leaving the old hustle and bustle of daily urban living behind.

City di Mare thoughtfully provides you with a township that is less congested than the city proper, without compromising its strategic and accessible location. The freedom of wide open spaces palpable in the township makes it feel like a world apart.

Since it is built along South Road Properties, the charm of coastal living that City di Mare exudes is further enhanced with a visual green corridor that spans from one end of the township to the main retail strip, Il Corso.

As a low density neighborhood, low to midrise structures allow for unhindered views of both the mountains and the sea. The numerous parks found within the township naturally allow the surrounding buildings to have their own gardens.

City di Mare affords you endless views, the feeling of incomparable freedom, and that taste of perfect serenity, all within one of the most charming addresses in Cebu.

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