Interactive Map

This is a township set to provide its community with complete clusters of residential, corporate headquarters, leisure and retail, and socio-civic amenities.

A township designed to provide its community with 60% open space giving shade from the scorching heat of the sun.

The alloted 60% free open space is made available for different activities promoting an active lifestyle for its community.

Various structures with distinct functions to serve its community's different needs.

A wide range of high-end facilities and luxurious-looking facade made accessible to everyone from different walks of life.

Green pockets found throughout the township designed to give its community a hideaway within a city.

This is a city set apart from the mediocre. A vast view of greenery intended to revitalize its community.

A unified culture of a diverse community set in the heart of City di Mare.

Nothing beats shopping while overlooking the beautiful cerulean sea, breathing the fresh sea air, and feeling the cool sea breeze.