MyBus Stops in City di Mare

As bus rapid transit systems are quickly becoming the norm worldwide for mass transportation—owing to its adaptability to local conditions and ability to circumvent what usually causes delay on the road—it’s no surprise that the Cebu City government is working on one to address its residents’ needs.

The Cebu MyBus was recently launched with a route that passes through the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and South Road Properties. That’s great news for Amalfi and Sanremo residents, and big fans of the delicious dining options at Il Corso all in City di Mare.

Currently, two new stations at City di Mare —one at the Visitor’s Center and at Il Corso—are operational. From an initial fleet of 33 buses, there will eventually be 77 MyBuses, charging an affordable fare of PhP 25.00.
Cebu MyBuses are PWD-friendly and equipped with GPS and CCTV. Each bus can accommodate about 40-90 passengers.